PEPACTON CABINS - Country Roads and Trails
348 Hood Lane, Downsville, NY  13755

Country Roads & Trails 
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The long, deep eddy in front of the cabins and up river, toward Downsville, is great for pleasure boating, excellent for fishing, or just relaxing on the river enjoying nature. The eddy is deep, clear water and a wonderful rowing area. Great place for learning to handle a kayak or canoe without having to maneuver the current of the river. In the "S" curves along Rt. 30 is a great place to observe lots of fish, beavers and sometimes otters. The river is also frequented by Bald Eagles, Osprey, Blue Herons, Canadian Geese and assorted ducks. Do not go down river, toward Shinhopple, past the cabins or you will have to pull the boat back up river!!

Approximate time:   2 to 3 hours paddling- more if you just float!

Country Roads and Trails

River Road -If you ride from the cabins on our road onto River Road, turn left and you can take River Road to the Historic Covered Bridge in Downsville by turning left at the old walled cemetery about 5 miles from the cabins. Go through the Covered Bridge on to Main Street Downsville. If you stay on River Road it will end at Al's Sports Store, at the intersection of Route 206 and River Road, 6 miles. Turn left on Route 206 and it will take you back into Downsville.

If you take a right onto River Road you can go to the new Tomannex Forest Trail, which is the old RR bed. The entrance is about 2 miles from the cabins on the left where you see a steel gate, before you make the turn. This is the new forest the state just acquired and they do not even have signs up yet, 1060 acres along the river following the RR track, it goes to Harvard, which is approximately six miles.

If you take a right on River Road from the cabins, go to Al's Wild Trout, LTD, 2 � miles, the intersection of Route 30 and River Road meet, cross over Route 30 onto Trout Brook Road which goes through Bear Spring Mountain Preserve. The road will split about 4 miles up into West (left) Trout Brook Road and East (right) Trout Brook Road. They both are great roads for biking and very scenic they will eventually end up at Route 206, which is about 8 miles.


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