Recreational Boating on the Pepacton

Earn the new Catskill Reservoir Paddler Patch

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RECREATIONAL BOATING -The New York City DEP will be opening the Pepacton Reservoir to canoes, kayaks, and sailboats beginning Friday of Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day. This program is the result of a similar pilot program conducted at the Cannonsville Reservoir in Delaware County for the past five years.

Boaters will be able to visit the reservoir for the day or leave their boat at the reservoir for the season.  All boats must be steam cleaned and permitted prior to use at the reservoir.  Cleaning services will be provided by private vendors who meet certain criteria to be designated by the DEP.  

The DEP will be providing boat launch areas for recreational boats which will be open from dawn to dusk during the season.  This program is in addition to the current allowance for rowboats for fishing and increases the public’s access and enjoyment of this wonderful water resource.


There is a DEP brochure with the reservoir guidelines.  We will be having Old Town Canoes and kayaks that we will have for the season at the Pepacton Reservoir for rentals this season. There will be one designated launch area on the backside of the reservoir, approximately a mile from the DEP offices in Downsville.  You can bring your own canoes & kayaks or sailboats as long as they are sprayed before you put them on the reservoir.  Everyone must have their Watershed Access Permit and parking tag.  You can print your own from your computer. There will be at least two sprayers in the Downsville area, more details will be available at a later date. 


We are excited about having this great opportunity to use the beautiful Pepacton Reservoir.  We encourage all of our guests to obtain their access permits, free and good for multiple years, in case they would like to go to the Pepacton fishing or using boats on the reservoir.  Definitely a great alternative if the river is too high for fishing or boating. 

Earn your Catskill Reservoir Paddler Patch:

Catskill Reservoir Paddler Patch

Earn yours by paddling or sailing at least one reservoir :

Cannonsville (August 1-31)
Pepacton (September 1-October 13)

Send in one of the following:

a date-stamped photo from your boat looking back at the launch site
a photo/scan of your DEP access permit
a photo/scan of your boat rental/steam-cleaning receipt

Email your proof, along with an address where the badge should be mailed, to